Healthy Habits

Connectivity, Security & IT When Working Remotely

The business world as we know it has abruptly changed due to Covid-19. Business is no longer done exclusively in an office building. More and more companies are encouraged to allow their employees to do business at home, attempting to quell the virus.  Moreover, the US Center for Disease control official advice is that empowers … Read more

Time Zones & Working Hours When Working from Home and Remotely

If you work with other people or have regular deadlines, time becomes incredibly important. It is even more so when you work at home because you may interact with people all over the country or the world. You want to be available when your clients need you, which requires understanding time zones and how they … Read more

Basic Habits for Working From Home

Healthy Work from Home Habits In this lesson we will cover the basic habits you need to be a successful Remote Worker. I have learned many of these habits the hardway. It is so easy to fall into bad habits, and burn out on Remote Work.  Sleep The biggest thing I have struggled with is … Read more