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How to Manage Remote Workers

There are many benefits to managing an in-person team. You spend meaningful time with others and learn each other’s work habits. Managers and team leaders have clear oversight in this setting. But, this situation will not always be the case when overseeing a remote team. Managing a remote team poses a new challenge for company … Read more

Connectivity, Security & IT When Working Remotely

The business world as we know it has abruptly changed due to Covid-19. Business is no longer done exclusively in an office building. More and more companies are encouraged to allow their employees to do business at home, attempting to quell the virus.  Moreover, the US Center for Disease control official advice is that empowers … Read more

How to Have a Professional Business Call

Now more than ever, people are conducting the majority of their business from the comfort of their own homes. With platforms like Zoom, Skype, and Facetime, it is almost effortless to have business meetings with anyone anywhere in the world.  Below is a list of tips and tricks to prepare you for your video conference … Read more

Tips for Video Conference: Remote Work Etiquette

We’ve all suffered through at least one terrible virtual meeting. The sound mix is messy. No one is paying attention. You can’t tell who’s talking or understand what anyone’s saying. Fortunately, remote meetings don’t have to be that way. Improving your virtual meetings doesn’t require fancy gear or hours of practice. By implementing a few … Read more

The Must-Have Gear You Need to Succeed in Remote Work

Imagine sitting on a sunny balcony overlooking an ocean view, enjoying a cafe latte, and working via laptop for an office across the country or abroad. Your office can be anywhere there’s WiFi.  Maybe your dream is to have a home office that allows you better work-life balance or cuts out a lengthy commute. Your … Read more

Running a Great Virtual Meeting

We all know the routine of working in virtual environments. Even now, we still ask how virtual meetings can be more productive. How can we make a virtual meeting feel like what we were used to with in-person work? In many ways, virtual meetings have both simplified and complicated the way we work. Luckily, there … Read more

Managing Distractions When Working From Home

You’re probably used to ignoring distractions in the office. We’ve learned to keep our heads down when coworkers walk by or find a quiet conference room to work in. Managing distractions when working from home can be a lot different.  Working from home has come with a whole new set of challenges. Some of us … Read more

Best Practices to Adopt When Working Remotely

Where is your office located? For an increasing number of people, the answer is “anywhere.” When implemented correctly, remote work allows for increased productivity, flexibility, and convenience. However, potential pitfalls do exist. As more and more folks enter the virtual workforce, establishing clear guidelines and expectations is a must—for both employees and management. Let’s take … Read more

Time Zones & Working Hours When Working from Home and Remotely

If you work with other people or have regular deadlines, time becomes incredibly important. It is even more so when you work at home because you may interact with people all over the country or the world. You want to be available when your clients need you, which requires understanding time zones and how they … Read more

Remote Work Tools

Remote work is becoming more and more popular all over the world. Many industries are realizing how effective having a remote team can be for their business. However, that often means learning how to use new software and various remote work tools to get everyone on the same page. These communication tools may also be … Read more