Your Guide to Remote Work and Working from Home

Our goal is to create a complete resource to help people planning to or who have recently moved to remote work or are work from home.

This website will cover the basics of successfully working remotely, or working from home. However, it should also discuss different Remote Work arrangements — both from the company’s perspective and from the workers perspective. Completing this course should help people work remotely with confidence, and be able to work remotely for many years. 

Basics & Principles

Students will learn strategies for working remotely that apply across different arrangements. This includes health habits, managing roommates & pets, security & IT, and Time Management and Productivity.

Healthy Habits

Some people are able to thrive under remote work situations, while others quickly burnout. People burnout because they practice bad habits. Instead, they need to develop habits that give their days a rhythm, keep them engaged with their work, and connect to their co-workers. 

Remote Work Arrangements

This section will discuss different ways companies organize remote work. For example, working for a 100% remote company is very different then working for a company with a mix of traditional and remote workers. 

Remote Work Lifestyles

This section will discuss different ways people practice Remote Work. For example, working from home, vs RV / VanLife, or being a Digital Nomad.

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